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Monthly Archives: July 2011

No….not my daughters father. those feelings are long gone. But the guy before him…he ws gone for 5yrs n now hes bac. N I cnt shake these feelings. Wouldnt b bad if he felt the same way n was ready to make some life changes…but he doesnt n he isnt. Its not fair

but life isnt suppossed to b fair right?….yea I knw, tell tht to my heart

P.s. I cleaned up tht corner in my living room. Yay me!! Lol

Ok im done for the night



Something just doesnt feel right. U evr feel like lil things pile up day by day n then one day u jus burst into tears but dont even really knw why….bcuz its not one thing …its a comment tht somebody made or tht goal u have been trying to accomplish but u jus cant wrap your brain around gettin it done.

Loneliness. Thats another thing I battle. Sometimes I jus want a break from EVERYTHING!! N sometimes I jus want help. Not tht I dont recieve help from family or friends. But its a diff kinda help wen u have a partner.

And also: y for the life of me cant I clean my room!!!!! It seems like such a simple task yet still daunting. Lol. I probably sound ridiculous but these r the things tht r bothering me. How come wen its time to pay my bills I can never find my statements? Y is tht corner of my living room always a mess!!!! UGH. Y is my patience with my daughter so minimal? Y does it always seem like I dnt hav enough money? How come it seems like I always hav something to do…y cnt I hav a day wen I dont hav to do ANYTHING??

I know that I shldnt rely on someone else to make me feel secure or loved. I have to love myself n b happy with myself first.
…..not sure if tht has happened yet.

Well I feel better already..thanks for reading. Until next time……..

There was a time
i thought, that you did everything right
no lies, no wrong
Boy I, must’ve been outta my mind

Thank god you blew it
thank god I dodged the bullet
i’m so over you
so baby good lookin out

I wanted you bad
i’m so through with it
cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing
i never had

…….Bey took the words right outta my mouth

Enough said

@thenotsoclichesinglemama thanks for the inspiration

and thank you R.W. for making this post possible

Can someone tell me why there aren’t enough hours in the day?? Am I the only one that NEVER has enough time to get things done throughout the day. UGH!!! It’s so frustrating when night falls and I’m still trying to finish the project that I started that morning. Like…REALLY? I really need to stop being a procrastinator and more time conscious..yea maybe this will help. Cuz sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. I just put up my weekly schedule on my fridge–lets hope this helps me.

After moving out into my own place, my place is so quiet compared to being home with the whole family. You would think I would have ample time to get things done. umm…NOT! Oh well..this is still something new to me and hopefully it gets easier. Until next time………………..

This is def something new to me. I’m a first time blogger and am looking to share advice with other single parents (moms or dads) and hear your stories while I share mine. I hope you enjoy my blog and come back to visit often!