Something just doesnt feel right. U evr feel like lil things pile up day by day n then one day u jus burst into tears but dont even really knw why….bcuz its not one thing …its a comment tht somebody made or tht goal u have been trying to accomplish but u jus cant wrap your brain around gettin it done.

Loneliness. Thats another thing I battle. Sometimes I jus want a break from EVERYTHING!! N sometimes I jus want help. Not tht I dont recieve help from family or friends. But its a diff kinda help wen u have a partner.

And also: y for the life of me cant I clean my room!!!!! It seems like such a simple task yet still daunting. Lol. I probably sound ridiculous but these r the things tht r bothering me. How come wen its time to pay my bills I can never find my statements? Y is tht corner of my living room always a mess!!!! UGH. Y is my patience with my daughter so minimal? Y does it always seem like I dnt hav enough money? How come it seems like I always hav something to do…y cnt I hav a day wen I dont hav to do ANYTHING??

I know that I shldnt rely on someone else to make me feel secure or loved. I have to love myself n b happy with myself first.
…..not sure if tht has happened yet.

Well I feel better already..thanks for reading. Until next time……..