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Monthly Archives: August 2011


I had a blonde moment yesterday tht I’m gonna share. I’ll admit tht I dnt often keep up with current events. And sadly my tv is always on Nick Jr. to please my little monster who resides with me  (still tryna figure out who she belongs to….ATTENTION ALL IF YOU HAVE MISTAKENLY LEFT AN ACTIVE, PUFF-WEARING THREE YR OLD ON MY STEP PLEASE….PLEASE…PLEASE….COME BACK!!!!!!)

anyway, i was reading online about children events taking place this weekend in my area. when it stated something like “…if Irene doesn’t come and ruin the weekend…”

I’m thinkin….WHO THE HECK IS IRENE!!!!???? and how come everybody know her except me….and what this girl gotta do wit my plans this weekend??

it took a minute for me to realize what was going on. but i get it now. i am currently up to date with current events. untill next time…..


Having a hard time with some things….

lonliness-wanting someone around

time management

money management

and emotions.

i feel like my emotions run wild! and it drives my crazy that sometimes i can’t control it. i’m starting to think i should see someone, and take it from there.

one problem that has recently started to bother me more and more is my job situation. i work at night and with my daughter getting older and getting ready to start pre-school, I feel that I need to be home with her more. And the money I spend to pay family members/daycare is getting to be a burden on my budget. I’ve considered a couple options and will start looking into them. One is a work from home position and another is a day shift position during business hours. I hope for the best. Whatever is best for my daughter and I is what I will pursue.


Had such a nice time with my little drama queen this wknd. She always knws hw to make me smile.