LOL. ok so its been awhile.

what can i say…it’s life. and i’ve been kinda in a rut…kinda comin outta it- but now im sick 😦

but i will try my best to keep this blog updated as often as possible. i want this to be something that my daughter can look back on when she gets older and see how our life was while she was growing up. exciting news: i’ll be posting pics and videos of the princess (old & new) that are sure to make you laugh. so now its time for an update:


Rae started pre-k!!!!! (i’ll post pics)

i have an interview on thurs @ 1045…wish me the best!

my cousin was saved from a near death experience last wk when she was shot 4-6 times by her ex-bf…she is doing well- talked to her today and she is able to get around by herself–unforeseen occurances befall us all. she is in my prayers.

ummm..and last but not least…..Rae’s dad started contacting us and calling to speak with her more often (which by the way i’m fine with) he even gave me some money on two diff occassions without me even asking for it (which by the way came at a time tht i really needed it.

anyway….of course he threw the line at me about us possibly gettin back together and im not gonna lie i considered it for two seconds. but then i was able to give him an answer that i felt very confident about and knew tht i wld not regret. i told him no thanks…i said “i’ve been through enough with you for me to realize that you’re not the one”  he accepted that and continues to call and try to plan visits with our daughter and thats all i ask.

and!!!!!! im excited cuz i just ordered tix to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!!! YAY…Rae is gonna b sooooo excited…i’m not gonna tell her til she figures it out for herself.

after tht I gotta get tix for the circus…gotta keep my monster busy.

SN: i will b posting random pics, videos, and Rae-isms in a new page titled “My Daughter”….look for it soon!!!!!