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Monthly Archives: October 2011

had to go out today in this horrible, nasty weather…but for a good reason!!!! my mom graduated today!! yay. so very proud of her. …n now my throat hurts from screamin so much.(you knw…YAY MOM….THATS MY MOMMA…GO MOM!!!!…the whole nine lol. n rae throat shld b sore too from yellin a million times “YAAAY….YA YA……YAAAAY….YA YA”. now for the finale….Rae’s g mom is keepin her tonight…n i dnt gotta work!!!!! whew…hw nice. well im gonna get comfy, turn the lights out, pour some moscato…..n RELAX!! c ya soon.



last night the mother of Rae’s half sister contacted me n we made plans for the kids to meet. its surreal tht Rae is gonna meet her sister. i hope they can b close n grow up to b best friends.

her mom is really cool n im sure we’ll get along…its jus this is gonna take some gettin used to.

without making this a long, depressing post. i’ll just sum it up with this:


i’m also excited cuz i just booked a bowling party for my princess!! im so happy when i can make her happy. cant wait!!!!

i have an amazing teacher who had no clue what kinda night i had…..

and wen i walked into class this am..she looked at me and smiled and said “when i see you it makes me smile”

that brightened up my day and made me feel so much better

many thanks to her for her supportive words of encouragement that helps me in ways she does not know