so i had a bad night

my daughter’s father pissed me off so bad i was in tears

not that this was a big deal..(i was probly already emotional to begin with)

but anyway he asked cld he start gettin my daughter for the day. and i asked where are you? who are you styaing with. he tells me “a 32yr old woman, and her kids ages 3, 12, and 14”

im like…um ok who are these people. he says he is in a relationship with this woman.

UMM EXCUSE ME!! you are 24yrs old..and with a 32 yr old woman…you’re 10yrs older than her olderst child(you just started dating her bcuz you was just tryna get back wit me a couple wks ago) and you expect me to let you bring women in n out of my daughter’s life and make me show her that i condone that behavior and lifestyle????

when i say i was so pissed off if he was in front of me i wld have hurt him.

what does he think life is? some kind of party? i DO NOT live my life that way and i am not gonna teach my child that your lifestyle is ok.

my fear now is that he will try to take me back to court and get visitation and have my daughter in a house full of people that i have no clue about! i would rather have him sign over his rights and drop the child support  order than to let him have any say so in my daughter’s life bcuz his lifestyle is random, back in forth, and not something i want my child apart of.

uugghhh!! is that wrong to ask him to do?? i dnt think so, esp if i feel that we are better off without him.