so this post has been a long time in the makings…been havin thoughts brewin in my head for a min.

n not sure that its all straightened out so this all may sound like jibberish…but usu my posts do so its cool

question: y are guys’ perceptions of friendships/relationships so diff than girls’??…it makes life super difficult!!

bc of my personality i likes to keep it real…u will never have to guess what im thinkin or feelin bc i’ll tell you straight up before the emotions are even in full effect…but thas just me

n of course the guys that i know are the TOTAL opposite…..UGH. makes it so annoying for me bc if you dont tell me what you thinking about our friendship/relationship then how am i suppossed to know. how do i know if you really like me and that i should start devoting more time/energy/attention to this friendship/relationship? or how do i know if this is just a casual friendship/relationship that requires not much of my time/energy/attention?

many have told me that i need to cultivate more patience…n yes i knw tht i do

and Y do i always have to feel so vulnerable in this situation. i put my feelings out there whether its silently or i actually say something and then i have to wait around for you to figure out whats what. so i have to walk around wearing my  heart on my sleeve…while u chillin.

idk if any of this makes much sense…but these are my thoughts. i know that this is nothing new…this is the name of the game when it comes to men and women…but y does it have to b this way??