anyone that has been following my blog knows that I have been desperately searching for a new job so that I can be more independent and not rely on my parents as much to watch my daughter, simplify my life, and to spend more time with my daughter…….wellllllll…..I FOUND ONE!!!! YAY ME!!!!

I will be working for a national homecare agency that serves the county I live in and surrounding counties. And I can choose which case I want to work and I get to choose my hours….which will be (preferably) mon-thurs 9am-3pm. i cant wait. wish i could put my three weeks notice in but i gotta make sure tht my orientation schedule is set up and I find the case that I want to work before I make it official.  but i am very excited….and nervous!!!!

eventually i think that i wanna be a school nurse. it would be  lovely to have the same hours as my daughter and have summers off. so i will look into that after i am done getting my BSN.

i also would L-O-V-E to move outta the state….possibly VA…maybe Alexandria. i’ve already found a elementary school for Rae and a reasonalby priced townhouse. i would love to move in time for her to start kindetgarten there. but we shall see! until next time…………………….