ok so i have been horrible at updating i know…but i will get better..alot has been going on….i”ll list everything and then give details later….

-found a new job that i enjoy and i started orientation last week (homecare agency)

-i gave my old boss three weeks notice and that interaction went well……but recently i had to call out due to a sickness and she calls my phone saying “i guess you dont wanna work for us anymore you can come get your stuff” EXCUSE ME!!!!???? i called out bc i was SICK…..what was her problem…after speaking with her and having a conference call with her myself and HR things were resolved……she is SO unprofessional

-rae’s dad is expecting a new baby….(ugh yeah i know)..and getting MARRIED!!!!! yeah who would marry him you ask …..a 32 year old uneducated mom of four kids who wants help raising hers…..dumb. and now that hes getting married he threatened to get custody of rae….PUHHHH-LEEEAASSE. my lawyer is awaiting a phone call if anything was to go down

-contemplating moving to another state….my family and I will be visiting within the next couple of months

i can now write about all of this without too much emotion and that was my goal…bc when things were happening i felt like crap

…..and thats all i can think of for now.. gtg get ready for class…ttyl

P.S. and Rae is doing great!!!!!!! she can write her name, trace letters, draw pictures of things that i can recognize, and she loves riding her bike!!