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Monthly Archives: March 2012

a friendĀ  of mine recently told me “you won’t be happy until your realize that true happiness won’t come from a lover, but only when you truly love yourself”

…easier said than done i told him.


life is becoming a little more simple and laid back and i finally feel more….settled. FINALLY!!

-can’t wait to see Beyonce come back performance this Spring

-new job is going well…still learning

-i have to go back to school to take spanish in april or i will lose my financial aid and end up having to pay for my last completed class

-trying to not stress and find ways to relax…we have new rules at my house…mommy gets to have “mommy time” while rae has her “baby time”..lol

-rae’s dad is having a boy..its what he wanted so congrats to him. and his wedding was called off…surprised? hardly

YAY!!! went to see thier live show this evening and we had a ball!!!!

wow things have been crazy lately…even worse than usu. but im trying my best to become better organized.

through it all….Rae’s smile makes everything all better. she makes me feel like a super mom even when im not. i decided to put school on hold for awhile. with my new job keeping me very busy, and having high levels of anxiety lately, i decided it was best to try to clear my plate off a lil and simply what is needed at this point in my life. i feel alot better already.

i had a hectic week at work and i been tryin to relax this weekend. but if i dont get enough sleep….i feel like crap all over again. so i must go…until next time. which i hope to be sooner than later