It’s been awhile but I’m here. With everything going on I haven’t had much inspiration to write. Nothin much going on except I’m at a place right now where my head is clear and it feels so good! I went back to school to finish my Bachelors….but I took another break. But good news is, I only have two more classes to complete. My daughter is happy and healthy and will be 5 next month. We have two mini vacas planned and we’re happy. We got a fish!!!!!! He’s blue and adorable, Rae named him Jack lol. Ummm, I gave her father another chance, despite what family and friends said and he moved in a couple weeks only to realize that this wouldn’t work. But in the end, I proved it to myself….I couldn’t just listen to other ppl. So….I’m happy and content with just my daughter and I in our one bedroom apartment.

This year I wish to save more money, spend more quality time with Rae, simplify our lives, get more financially stable, and to learn who the true ME is!!!!!!